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Home Charging Solutions for Volkswagen Vehicles

Charging your electric vehicle at home is convenient, affordable, and makes EV ownership even easier. But when you’re new to EVs, terms like, “Level 2 Home Charger” can be confusing and you might not know where to begin.

Wondering which Home Charger is right for your EV(W)? At West Edmonton Volkswagen, we specialize in guiding customers through selecting the right home charger for their vehicle, home, and lifestyle.

ID.4 Charging in a driveway

ID.4 charging

How Long Does It Take To Charge at home?

This answer depends on where and how you are charging. If you are using a level 2 home charger, it can take as little as 5 hours to go from 25% to 80% charge. However, if you are using the level 1 home charger that is provided with the vehicle, it can take more than a day if you are charging from 0%.

Our team has broken down each method of charging to help you determine the best charging solution for your EV(W).

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Why Install a home charger?

When first looking at EVs, you may ask yourself if installing a home charger is worth it. And while it might seem tempting to stick with your standard 120V charger, switching to a professionally installed home charging unit can save you time AND money.

Most homes, without any upgrades, can accommodate Level 1 Chargers – i.e. chargers that draw power from a 120 V outlet. This, however, can take 48 to 60 hours to fully charge an electric vehicle.

We recommend our Volkswagen ID.4 owners add a Level 2 charger at home,⁠ which typically requires a 240-volt plug (like those used for large home appliances) or are hard-wired into your circuits.

Charging port on the ID.4

How Much does it cost to install a home charger

What Do Home Chargers Cost?

The cost of a home charger varies from home-to-home, depending on a number of factors, including the age of your home, complexity of the installation, and size of the charger being installed.

We recommend consulting a Home Charging Specialist who will get a better understanding of your needs and connect you with a vendor that makes sense for your specific needs.

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Meet WallBox: our preferred home charging solution

Although we work with many home charging solutions, West Edmonton Volkswagen is pleased to be a distributor for Wallbox Home Chargers, the global leader in home charging.

Wondering if WallBox might be right for you or have questions about installation? Ask our EV experts. Send us an email using the button below.

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Wallbox charger available at West Edmonton Volkswagen

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